• Feb. 23, 2018

    Into the BLUE: Interview with Ocean Guardian Tim Silverwood

    Story by Leslie Mallson, February 2018

    Whether you’re catching waves this summer or getting royally barrelled by them, it’s safe to say that the surf at our beaches has not disappointed. Whilst out in the ‘big blue’ or along its shoreline, you may have crossed paths ...

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  • Jan. 23, 2018

    Fire ecology and cultural burning

    Story by Sue Stevens, December 2017

    It seems that each year now, whether due to a dry spring, wet winter, climate change or El Nino, we are warned that conditions are just right for an intense bushfire risk over the coming summer. With this in mind, land managers ...

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  • Dec. 19, 2017

    Randwick Mayor thanks PermaBees and the Green Gym team

    Story and photo by Russ Grayson, 17 December 2017

    SO MUCH gets done by volunteers in this country, and yesterday it was time to recognise the contribution they have made to the Permaculture Interpretive Garden at Randwick Community Centre.

    That’s why a total of 18 volunteers from ...

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  • Dec. 11, 2017

    Have we won the #WaronWasteAU?

    Story by Asha Kayla, November 201y

    Not yet, but there’s been a flurry of positive action since the ABC’s recent TV series hit our screens six months ago.  With over 3.7 million viewers, the three-part series shone a light on the stuff we consume and ...

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  • Dec. 4, 2017

    Wild play, creating maps and sharing stories

    The Eastern Suburbs Sustainable School Network (ESSSN) had a wonderful end of year meet up at Centennial Park last week. 

    We explored the new Ian Potter Wild Play Garden... including the slide, water play and tunnels! And discovered the philosophy behind the need for a safe natural, space ...

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  • Nov. 16, 2017

    Weeds: Why they are not all evil

    Story by Nicola Saltman, 25 October 2017. Photo: Chris Chen

    It’s that time of the year when the gardeners amongst us emerge to tackle neglected green patches. We prune, trim, plant, mow, and clip. And weed. Many of us curse (and relish) removing weeds that have flourished ...

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  • Oct. 11, 2017

    5 things to know about solar for your home

    Story by Nicola Saltman, 25 September 2017, as published in The Beast magazine (October 2017)

    With recent electricity prices soaring up to 30-40 per cent for many residents, it’s no surprise that solar power is on homeowners’ minds. Making free green energy on your own rooftop helps ...

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  • Sept. 15, 2017

    National Garage Sale Trail

    Council’s across the metropolitan area are supporting the National Garage Sale Trail in October, so if you have unwanted but good quality homewares, clothes, books and furniture that you want to try and get a few dollars or more for, get on to their website and register ...

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  • Sept. 14, 2017

    Our Energy Future for residents across the eastern suburbs

    Are you fed up with increasingly high energy bills? Do you feel helpless when it comes to changing how much energy you use? Well Randwick, Woollahra and Waverley Councils, along with another 7 metropolitan Councils have teamed up with Our Energy Future to help give their residents a ...

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  • Sept. 14, 2017

    Highlights: Eco-living Fair 2017 and Festival of the Winds

    Randwick’s Eco Living Fair, held on Fathers Day, Sunday 3 September 2017attracted thousands of residents across the eastern suburbs with workshops, demonstrations and stalls spruiking all things environmentally friendly and again including a wonderful opportunity for a sustainability ‘speed date’ with experts brought in by the ...

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