Nov. 6, 2014

Clean out, clean up and declutter

CLEAN OUT, CLEAN UP AND DECUTTER — it's National Recycling Week and it's the chance to get rid of all that unused stuff cluttering our homes and to trade it for really useful stuff… better than binning it, isn't it?

So, wash it if you wear it, rinse it if its kid's things, dust it off if it just stands there looking good, pass a cleaning cloth gently over it if it spins and plays music or movies, and generally make sure it's spick and span and working… and bring it along to our Big Aussie Swap Party to exchange it for something that won't just sit around gathering dust.

Big Aussie Swap Party

It's on during National Recycling Week at Randwick Sustainability Hub. But here's an idea… why not come early and make a family event of the afternoon, because we've got a whole catalog of things happening, Sunday 16 November from 2:30pm-5:00pm:

  • Make wrapping for your Christmas gifts in the DIY reusable gift bag workshop with Sustainimum. Learn how to make a reusable bag that you can reuse for years to come.
  • Reinvigorate old furniture in this basic upholstery demo with Curb Collective
  • Garden yourself to gorgeous using natural DIY skincare products with lissome and clear-skinned Tina Demetriou
  • Become an explorer when you and your children join gardening educator and bug hunter Emma Daniell in a garden safari…… then stay on with Emma to make an insect hotel (you will learn what that is when you join in)
  • Invent easy alternatives to pestiferous plastic bags in a DIY upcycling and Furoshiki (a Japanese eco-cloth) workshop with Sustainimum
  • Invent your own cashless economy (no credit cards either) with Annette Louden by learning all about Local Exchange and Trading Systems
  • And here's something really creative — join community artist, Karen Weiss, and learn how to recycle old junk mail into new paper jewellery and Christmas ornaments — this is for children (of all ages, that is).

Eventbrite - Big Aussie Swap Party workshops



No need to cart away your new swapped treasures from the Big Aussie Swap Party just yet…

Why not stay around for our Community CookUP and Movie Night?


Bag It the movie

This is another of our Collaborative Kitchens where we all participate together to make something simple but yummy, something to restore our energy after the Big Aussie Swap Party and our afternoon's activities. Kid's participate too, all under the creative culinary supervision of Randwick's own gardener-chef, Leesa Burton.

Then… movie time. We've got Bag It and Take 3's Tim Silverwood will be here to introduce it and to lead a facilitated discussion following the movie on Sunday 16 November from 5:30-8:30pm.

Tim silverwood

BAG IT examines the impact of plastics on the environment, marine andimals and human health — view trailer.

So, a summer Sunday afternoon and an early evening at Randwick Sustainability Hub, the city's new venue for community learning and community initiatives.  See you there.

Bookings essential.

Eventbrite - Bag It — the movie


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