Nov. 17, 2011

Introducing the new 111 Navy Chair™ at Barrett House

When you recycle a plastic bottle, you're doing something good. When you recycle 111 of them, you're doing something great. Help your bottle become something extraordinary again…


In its first year, the 111 Navy Chair® has

diverted 3.5 million bottles out of landfills.


Up-cycling consumer waste into a sustainable, timeless chair

The 111 Navy Chair® is made of 111 plastic bottles, 65% recycled PET plastic and 35% glass fibre and pigment. In its first year, the chair has diverted 3.5 million bottles out of landfills. Customers across the globe are using a lasting product made of what others discard.


Beyond recycling

“Unlike other companies who use virgin materials and produce stylish designs in trendy colours with the message that you can consume and recycle, we keep consumer waste out of landfills and up-cycle it into something that does not need to be recycled for a long time. Our Navy Chair design is over 6 decades old. You can buy our 111 Navy Chair® this year or next year or in 10 years to come, it will never go out of style,” said Gregg Buchbinder, Chairman and CEO at Emeco.


Unlike traditional recycling, up-cycling is the idea of turning waste into products of greater value. When plastic bottles are recycled, not all can be turned back into containers. As a result, these usually become carpets, or toys, or winter fleeces; things that eventually become trash again. 111 Navy Chair is not just a solution to this problem, but an encouragement of developing sustainable structural materials.


On the quest to make a difference

“I was excited about the impact of using the rPET from millions of bottles each year. We’ve turned something many people throw away into something you want and keep for long, long time,” said Buchbinder.

The challenge was to turn something recycled into something durable. In 2006, Coca-Cola turned to Emeco, the Pennsylvania, USA based manufacturer, famous for its Navy Chair, made for US Navy in 1944 with a lifetime warranty. The solution was to use the classic Navy design and a new innovative material, creating the first structural product made from rPET.


111 Navy Chair® made out of Recycled PET Plastic

After local collection of used bottles, the PET is processed at Coca-Cola’s recycling plant in South Carolina USA. It is then sent to North Carolina where the chairs are molded. Each chair takes about three minutes to mold. The six colors pass ecological benchmarks since there are no heavy metals added.

The chair has an expected 30+year life span. At the end of its life, the 111 Navy Chair® can be recycled to make new chairs. In 2010, the 111 Navy Chair® won the GOOD DESIGN Award and the IF International Design Forum.


Barrett House, Randwick

The 111 Navy Chair is on available to sit on, inspect and generaly marvel at over a cup of tea at Barrett House, regularly open on the first Thursday of the month from 9:30am to 2:30am. For more information on this and  upcoming sustainable living workshops, activities and events, click here.

For where to buy the 111 Navy Chair in Australia, visit here.


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