Nov. 7, 2014

Top three tips to stay cool for less

Summer is almost here; the days are getting hotter and it's tempting to work the air-con systems at full blast. Yet you may sweat more over higher electricity bills, if you're not careful.

Here are three helpful hints to keep the heat at bay without the budget blowout:

1. Go out - Summer is the season to spend less time at home and more time outside - at the beach, in nature, on a yacht (!). Just remember to make sure everything but the fridge is turned off at the power point before you go out. Stand-by-power accounts for around 6% of your electricity usage.

2. Keep it closed - The sun can really heat up a room during summer. By closing all doors, curtains and blinds - especially any west-facing ones - your house will keep cool.

3. Set it right - Set your AC thermostat between 23 and 25C. Every degree cooler will increase your running costs by 10-15%.

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