Bike Maintenance - Bondi Pavillion

When: Nov. 11, 2017

In this practical beginner course you will learn the basics on how to look after your bike including how to remove a wheel / tyre, clean and lube your bike as well as an introduction on how to adjust your brakes and gears.

WHEN: Saturday 11 November 2017
6 – 9pm
WHERE: Bondi Pavilion

BOOKINGS: This workshop is FREE but bookings are ESSENTIAL.

If you take an enrolment for the bike maintenance workshop please note that we are now enforcing a minimum age of 14 years


BACKGROUND to workshop

Thinking about riding to work, shops or for pleasure? Keep your bike running smooth and learn some handy bike maintenance skills. Bring it along to work on during the workshop.
This workshop will help you become familiar with your bike and your tools. Also learn some essential maintenance techniques and minor adjustments to keep your bike in good working order.
These include:

  • best way of keeping your bike clean
  • lubricants
  • hecking for bike road worthiness
  • how to put your chain back on
  • correct fit and adjustments of the bike
  • how to deal with a flat tyre
  • introduction to cable adjustment
  • adjusting breaks
  • servicing such as cable maintenance and pad adjustments or replacements.

We do have some tools available to use during the workshop, feel free to bring your own.


  • Pedal Bike and rags.