Declutter your life with permaculture

When: June 7, 2017

Declutter your life and your home using Permaculture's design principles.  

After attending this workshop you will find a little minimalism is a lot as you rethink your cooking, storage and cleaning areas. Having gained enthusiasm on completing these parts of our homes, we won't be able to wait to get started on decluttering the rest of our lives. 

There's nothing like a clean sweep to cut through the accumulated clutter of the years and to make a fresh start. Now is the time.  During the course we will have time to share design tricks that help us get more out of the inside of our homes.

DATE : Wed 7 June 2017
TIME: 9:30am to 1:00pm
WHERE: Randwick Community Centre, 27 Munda Street Randwick

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: To make a booking for you or some friends, contact City East Community College and they'll take care of it for you...

Image: Courtesy of Cecilia Macaulay