Friday in the garden - volunteer PermaBee

When: Oct. 20, 2017

Friday 20 October — 9:30am-12:30am

Kitchen garden, forest garden, wild food and native plant garden, aquaponic and vertical garden or seed saving — what appeals? Those gardens are the choice on our regular Friday Permabee volunteer days. They're a chance to do, to learn, to get a little easy outside exercise.

Now that the garden is established we're changing how we do our Friday Permabees. From now on, volunteer gardeners will have the opportunity to choose which area of the garden they would like to work in:

  1. The kitchen and seed garden, with horticulturist Jon Kingston. Jon is setting up a seed bank to save seeds from the kitchen garden. This is a chance to learn how to collect, process and store seeds from someone working with the Inner Weste Seedsavers.
  2. The food forest/aquaponic-vertical garden array, with landscape architect and permaculture educator, Steve Batley. Steve is establishing a variety of fruit trees, shrubs and other plants that will eventually become a small food forest. The aquaponic and vertical garden system was set up to demonstrate what people could do in their small courtyard gardens.
  3. The wild food and habitat garden, with council's sustainability educator, Fiona Campbell. This is a new garden now starting to take shape as the plants become established. It will feature a range of wild foods, bushfoods and native plants.

Volunteers can choose to stay with one particular garden area or rotate between them on different Fridays.

Aim of the PermaBee

The Permabee was set up to provide people with an opportunity to learn-by-doing, to engage in physical exercise, to practice what those doing the council's Organic Gardening, Forest Gardening and Gardening On The Wild Side courses learn, and to meet others.

WHERE: Permaculture Interpretive Garden, Randwick Community Centre, 27 Munda Street, Randwick.
WHEN: Fridays 9.30am-12.30pm.

What you should bring:

  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • long sleeved shirt and trousers to avoid scratches and sunburn
  • covered shoes (not sandals).

What we will provide:

  • horticulturalists on hand to provide training in organic gardening
  • all toos and materials
  • gloves
  • sunscreen
  • morning tea.

Bookings not required.. just pop in!

Wet weather:

In case of wet weather the PermaBee will be cancelled.

Recycling dropoff: Friday mornings

Also drop off your during our PermaBee in the timber Classroom:

  • kitchen scraps for composting - no dairy or meat or plastics
  • soft plastics
  • polystrene,
  • compact fluor lights
  • used batteries.

Need more information?

Contact Fiona Campbell at