• Eastern Suburbs Councils demonstrating sustainability leadership

    Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick’s 3-Council Regional Environmental collaboration is pushing the boundaries of environmental leadership. Their Solar My Schools initiative has now engaged with more than 90 percent of schools across the eastern suburbs, with more than ten already installing solar on their rooftops and another dozen ...

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  • The Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub gets a helping hand

    Corporate and student volunteers join forces for this year’s National Tree Day activities...

    International corporate giant, Caitlin Group, organised it’s global day of action with staff from their Sydney headquarters helping weed, mulch and plant native species around the 13 hectare Randwick Environment Park as part ...

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  • Get involved — local groups in the Eastern Suburbs

    There are a number of local sustainability groups that regularly meet in the evenings at Barrett House, so if you have an interest in Permaculture, climate action or organic natural foods and produce, contact the following groups who are both open to new members and visitors.

    There is ...

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  • Eastern Suburbs School Excursion Program

    NEWS... New lessons to be piloted..

    How would you like to try on of our three new, practical lessons to supplement your classroom teaching of your Stage 2 or 3 students? The lessons are directly linked to the NSW science curriculum.

    The details are below. To book your ...

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  • Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network

    2018 meeting dates...

    Term 4 MEETUp

    WHEN: Wednesday 21 November 2018
    TIME: 3:45pm - 5:15pm 


    Term 3 2018 Meeting Wrap Up - Threatened Species

    For our Term 3 gathering we ventured out to Nielsen Park, discussing Threatened ...

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  • How technology mimics nature the topic at the Eco Heroes Club

    Story, photos and videos by Russ Grayson, July 2018

    WHAT DO YOU DO if you lose a hand or an arm? That was one of the critical-thinking exercises that children at July’s Eco Heroes Club engaged in.

    The Eco Heroes Club for 5–11 year-olds is a ...

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  • Wildlife Trails at the Randwick Sustainability Hub

    Trails link to form a pleasant and educational walk around the Randwick Sustainability Education Hub.  Start in the Permaculture Interpretive Garden, follow the winding path onto the Wild Food Trail then follow the sandstone sitting blocks and enter the Habitat Trail to emerge on the far side of ...

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  • Compost Revolution

    Woollahra, Waverley & Randwick councils encourage households, community groups and businesses to compost and keep food waste out of landfill.


    Households – Get 80% off a Compost Bin or Wormfarm with FREE Delivery

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  • Solar my school

    Another school POWERED BY SUNSHINE...

    We are excited that more schools in our area are taking up solar power for their buildings, with our free Council Solar my School program. 

    Bronte public school, Moriah College, Emanuel School, Brigidine College, Waverley College have all recently installed solar systems. New ...

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  • Barrett House

    Our little house of sustainability is home to Eartha and Artha..  who are taking steps to live more sustainably. Pop in and follow their adventures through the house and discover how to save energy and water, reduce waste, use sustainable building materials to keep your home cool in ...

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