Can you recycle Easter Egg wrappers?

Aluminum cans are recyclable but what about foil?

Asked by Lauren Michener (staff)

4 answers

  • In Randwick Council we will not accept Easter Egg wrappers as they are likely to be contaminated with chocolate and also too small to process at the recycling procesing plant.

    Answered by Matshepo Molala (staff)Rating: 0
  • I hardly think any potential residual chocolate that may be left on foil would be considered "contamination" in a recycling plant. Seriously. I would absolutely be encouraging you all to recycle all your Easter egg foil, for sure! As Lauren said, ensure you collect enough foil to roll into a sizeable ball. Loose foil is too small to be captured at the recycling centre, so scrunch the foil into a large ball before recycling. Hoppy Easter!

    Answered by KateRating: 0
  • hmm, interesting. I thought if you scrunched them up in a ball so they were heavy enough they could be recycled... good to know. Thanks

    Answered by Lauren Michener (staff) Rating: 0
  • The issue here is contamination, clean alumunium foil scrunched up to ball size can be placed in recycling bin.

    Answered by Matshepo Rating: 0

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