How or where can I get a worm farm, free of charge, with instructions to use?

I have a very extensive garden: 100's of flowers and a few fruit trees. My neighbour has a worm farm which they got free from the Council Depot.
Could you assist, please???
Leo 10.2.15
PS I have written NUMEROUS times to Randwick Council and Waverley - NO RESPONSE AT ALL.

Asked by Leo Pinto

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  • It use to be free but now appears to be an 80% discount with free delivery.

    Go online to compost revolution -

    Fill in the "quiz" (it teaches you how to use the worm farm/compost and which one you should request).

    Then they used to send you an email with reference for collection at the Randwick Nursery depot.

    I would contact Compost revolution if the above does not work.

    Randwick and Waverley Council are both participants.

    Good Luck!

    Answered by Megan SharkeyRating: 0

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