What's the best option for setting up a new veggie patch in our backyard in bronte?

I've read thru the organic gardens q&a and there's some great info on raised bed veggie gardens. Is this the clear winner in our sandy soil locale? We have a wonderful spot that gets sun all year-round though is under a big tree. Our worm farm has been settling in for 6 months and we are raring to go on our garden but just need a few pointers before we go for it.

Asked by Vaike Neeme

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  • Valke, from my investigations, you will need at least 40cm of good quality soil, enriched with your worm juice. Therefore a minium height of 40cm for the bed sides is required. You'll probably have to get that delivered from a reputable soil company. There are plenty of material options for such a low bed. Recycled sleepers would be great or those made from e-waste. Avoid anything with toxic chemicals that may leach into the soil such as treated pine. Good drainage at the base is important and I'd recommend a root barrier for that tree of yours to be laid down first. Also, design a drip/soaker hose watering system that sits just below the surface of the soil, covered by plenty of mulch such as lucern hay.

    Pop out to Randwick Councils demo garden at their community center, 27 Munda Street Randwick (off Hendy Avenue) and have a squiz. :-)

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  • Of course, there's always the no dig option: http://www.no-dig-vegetablegarden.com/build-a-garden.html This works great for low beds.

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  • Thanks for the reply Greg. I'm a little confused though. Isnt the system you mention in your first response more or less a no dig garden?

    Also what do you mean by "good drainage"? is it as simple as leaving some room on the sides for water to run out? or is that a more complex thing? (like lattice underlays?)

    One last question ... when you say a root barrier for the tree - what is that? I thought by laying down newspaper etc and doing an above the ground garden we'd be ok?

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