Jan. 31, 2013

A convivial and sustainable Eastern Suburbs — these courses show how

Like an angry rhino chasing a car load of annoying tourists, 2013 seems to be picking up its pace and accelerating, and so is the Reduce Your Footprint team. The year seems to have just started but already we've a growing list of workshops and courses for you to pick up on your living skills.

Next Thursday — that's next Thursday morning, 7 February — our Barrett House sustainability education centre has its monthly open day. It's the opportunity to take a look at the building with its water and energy efficiency technologies and design ideas, and to get your hands a little grubby by joining us in Barrett House's edible cottage garden and its footpath garden to take cuttings and propagate some new plants. If you're new to that, here's the opportunity to learn by doing. Children welcome.

If gardening is your thing, then you might want to join us the day before — that's Wednesday 6 February — to learn from landscape architect and permaculture educator, Steve Batley, how to make a small pond for your garden — your own home wetland that will create habitat for a myriad of small creatures.

Coming up soon is something special — it's Passion Mashin' — and it's the opportunity to join noted sustainability coach and social change expert, Les Robinson, to learn how to reenergise your volunteer group, grow your membership and harvest a crop of brilliant ideas. 

A year of learning — let's do it again

Our Barrett House (Frenchmans Road) workshops last year were often packed — people crammed into the room and those that couldn't stood in the doorways. Especially popular were the workshops on keeping bees and chooks in the Eastern Suburbs, permaculture design and collaborative community economy. It was interesting to watch how people were captivated by a couple big red chickens walking around the workshop room, and how people picked them up, settled them on their knees and stroked them like they were small dogs or cats rather than a couple birds.

Those moving deeper into sustainable urban living attended the Living Smart course at the Randwick Sustainability Hub on Munda Street. This is a course being offering again (book at the City East Community College website) and is a comprehensive introduction to living well sustainably, with a focus on what you can do in the household and out in your community... and it includes goal setting.

The long-running Organic Gardening course was offered several times through the year and for the first time we made use of the Permaculture Interpretive Garden for a course in Forest Gardening... making your own food forest and potentially putting you in grave danger of falling food as it grows.


Story and photographs Russ Grayson


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