May 21, 2012

Autumn sunshine hatches inspiration and ideas across the Tasman

What do you get when you bring together five hundred clever people, smart ideas, innovative projects, lots of food, music and good North Island Autumn weather in a small town at the end of a big lake? 

You get the buzz of conversation, the revelations and realisations, the networking and sharing, the putting of faces to Facebook friends, the hatching of new schemes and the remaking of acquaintances that add up to Australasian Permaculture Convergence number eleven—APC11. This was a convivial convergence at which the number of interesting workshops and presentations exceeded the time available to attend all you would have liked to go to.

Yes, there were some Australians there... from Victoria, Adelaide, the Northern Rivers  of NSW, the Illawarra and even some from Sydney, and it's a few of those from Sydney who will share their observations, thoughts and a few photos at Thursday's APC report-back to Sydney permafolk. During this session we will explore what these people think APC11 accomplished and what it says about the practice of permaculture design in the region as well as take a look at some of the sites visited by the post-APC tours.

If you haven't attended an APC here's your chance to learn about what goes on there... and who knows?... maybe it will whet your appetite a little for a taste of APC12, wherever and whenever that might be.

Join Permaculture Sydney East's Lance Leiber—who courageously cycled to APC11 all the way from Auckland (you can't see the gravel rash from his spills anymore)—and Russ Grayson from Permaculture Australia, who took the easy road to APC11, for an informal discussion and report-back on this most convivial of convergences.

Where to from here

We know that permaculture is a social practice that brings us together in good company, sharpens the intellect and tunes the muscles through work in the garden gym... and you find all of these things at Barrett House, the Eastern Suburbs sustainable living centre that has so much potential as a venue for permaculture activities. There's already a small herb and vege garden with a few quite young fruit thees, a wicking bed full of vegetables and an almost-completed footpath foragers garden... and that's not to mention the energy/water/materials sustainability retrofit of the cottage.

At the APC11 report-back, join Fiona Campbell, Sustainability Education Officer at Randwick Council, in a discussion around the types of activities you'd like to run and Barrett House and about how you can be involved in the Dig Days there. 

WHEN: Thursday 31 May 2012

TIME: 7-8:30pm (arrive 6:45pm for a refreshments)

WHERE: Barrett House, 6 Barrett Place RANDWICK


Words and photos by Russ Grayson

Read more about the APC11 here...

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