July 4, 2016

Building insect motels

Story and photos by Russ Grayson, June 2016

IT's International Permaculture Day 2016 and outside the classroom on the green Emma Daniell takes children and adults through the process of making arty insect habitats for their gardens.

Emma is a horticultural educator and garden designer who leads the informal Permabee weekly gardening activities in the Permaculture Interpretive Garden here at Randwick Sustainability Hub, the education program housed at Randwick Community Centre.

The insect habitats — some people call them insect hotels — are living places for solitary native bees and other insects that pollinate the plants and predate the pest insects in the garden. Made of bamboo and other easily-found materials they are placed in the garden where their inhabitants can come and go.

Emma's was one of the International Permaculture Day activities that combined craft and making, learning and creating to produce something useful.

Inesect motel workshop

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