Jan. 23, 2012

But what can one person do?

So, you already do everything you can to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, right?

Perhaps most of your friends do too, but have you stopped to think that most of those actions are largely invisible to the wider public? How many people would know if you take short showers, buy Green Power, turn off standby power, and so on?

Literally millions of Australians are taking safe-climate actions. For starters, around 3 million of us use renewable energy, either rooftop solar or Green Power, and probably many more are taking the simpler and cheaper actions that reduce emissions. Yet despite this, the misconception that most people are doing nothing much about climate change is quite common. This matters a great deal! Too many people think there is no point in trying to reduce emissions simply because they think it will have no effect unless everyone else does that too.

Plenty of excellent material about how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is readily available. We all know what to do. What we need now is some way of showing everyone how much action is already happening!

The new One Person Can project aims to fill that gap by providing mechanisms for making everyone's safe-climate actions visible. Its website features a simple 10-minute survey of typical actions householders can take, and result graphs that show how many people in each area are already taking each of the 40 actions covered in the survey. The result graphs will be displayed as widely as possible in order to encourage others to join in and help fight climate change. The mechanisms are there, but they need to be widely used in order to have an effect.

You can help!

Even if you think you've "seen it all" when it comes to climate-related websites, please visit the One Person Can website and take this survey! Please ask all your friends, your work colleagues, and anyone else you know too. People who think they don't do much to reduce their emissions might be reluctant, but practically everyone would already be doing at least some of the actions in the survey. We're not interested in what householders don't do - we just want them to add the actions that they do take to the overall totals!

Visit http://www.onepersoncan.org/ to take the survey. Help us build the public perception that "everyone is doing it" so that nobody need ever again think that one person's actions don't count.

Written by Margaret Hender.
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