May 3, 2018

Finished at last: Randwick Sustainability Hub

Story and photos by Russ Grayson, April 2018

NTERNATIONAL PERMACULTURE DAY 2018 was the right day for Randwick mayor, Lindsay Shurey, and ABC Gardening Australia host, Costa Georgiardis, to open the final phase of the development of Randwick Sustainability Hub.

With construction of the Meeting Place pergola completed and only minor works and landscaping to finish, the Meeting Place links the community centre building with the open space of Munda Street Reserve to allow easy access between them.

There remains planting to finish — shade trees and more shrubs and ground covers to establish. As they grow they will provide habitat to local wildlife and forage to the native and honey bees in the Sydney Bee Club’s hives on the edge of the Reserve. It’s a win-win for people and wildlife.

Want to visit? The community centre is at 27 Munda Street, Randwick.

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Finished at last: Randwick Sustainability Hub

Costa showing people how to plant out the new Habitat Cottage Garden Trail

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