March 24, 2011

Your guide to Garage Sale Trail success!

Follow our five handy tips to make your garage sale a roaring success...

With the Garage Sale Trail looming and hundreds of households across the Eastern Suburbs declaring their garages a bargain hunter’s paradise, you want to make sure you’re on the road to success.


1. Pricing Your Goods To Sell.

There are two very different approaches here; the first involves prepricing everything you have for sale on the day with price tags. This gives prospective buyers a firm guide in terms of your price expectation & any potential offers. If you are going to pre-price your goods consider making your own price tags that in the theme of your garage sale and its name. You can see our downloadable label templates here too.

The second approach is not to price and leave all goods open to offer. This approach can be a lot of fun and / or a lot of hard work but certainly facilitates much customer interaction and socialising.


2. Presentation & Styling.

The first cardinal rule of garage sale success is to present & display your goods in such a way that they can be easily discovered or browsed by prospective buyers. Consider grouping categories of goods together, for example; tools, toys, t-shirts, sunglasses, gardening, etc.


3. Creativity & Fun.

Get creative with the presentation of your garage sale by theming your garage and dressing up yourself. Have fun! If your customers are having a good time and enjoying your sale then they’ll be more likely to interact and buy.


4. Labelling & Story Telling.

Every item for you’re selling has a story and as such you may want to consider creating labels for some or all of your goods that tells the customer a little about its history. i.e. “I bought this AC/DC t-shirt at Wimberley Stadium in the UK during the band’s 1988 European tour” You can also use our labelling template to tag your goods listed on your garage sale’s listing on the site.


5. Location, location, location.

Garage sales are required by law to be run within the confines of a private property. As such you should set-up your sale in your garage or front yard. If you live in an apartment block you need to connect with your neighbours and strata manager to query whether your proposed garage sale is allowed. Hosting a block sale with your neighbours is a great way to bring your building together and have a little fun too!


To register your garage sale visit

FREE promotion kit for the first 50 residents to register in your council area.


Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick councils support the Garage Sale Trail – think vintage and pre-loved to reduce your footprint!

Stuff left over? Donate good quality items to charity and call your council to find out how to dispose of the rest. Usually they will pick it up for free.

If you have an everyday sustainable story to tell, email 400 words and a photo to [email protected] - receive a solar battery charger for every story published.

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