Aug. 8, 2019

Get Prepared App

Through our support of the recently approved Resilient Sydney Strategy, our Councils are supporting residents to become more resilient to natural and other disasters that can affect local communities.

The NSW Resilient Sydney program is a collaboration between all metropolitan Councils aimed at creating communities that are connected, inclusive and resilient. One action in the Resilient Sydney Strategy is for households to consider downloading the Get Prepared App, co-created by the Australian Red Cross and general insurer IAG. Get Prepared* is a free and easy to use, one-stop tool to help you prepare for any type of emergency 

You can:

  • establish a quick and easy network of support with your three key contacts
  • review the risks relevant to where you live
  • create checklists of actions to make an emergency plan
  • save the emergency plan as a PDF to be printed and shared with others.

The app helps you connect with your key support people, accomplish simple tasks to make you and your loved ones safer, and protect the things that matter most to you. More on the Resilient Sydney Strategy can be found at


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