March 30, 2017

Images of Earth Hour 2017

IT DIDN'T LOOK promising at first. Dark clouds, then a light shower sent all but the prepared and hardy scurrying for shelter. Fortunately, the rains ceased for the rest of the evening and the Earth Hour celebrations could go ahead more or less dry at Randwick Community Centre last night.

Council organises the event every year to promote Earth Hour's message and as an opportunity for local people to get together for a low-key celebration. There's food stalls, children's activities, music and, earlier in the day, a solar talk and meet-the-solar-designers speed dating event.

Music was jazz, including a trad jazz band that had the kids up dancing.

One of the best things about the evening was again meeting people who have done Council's community resiliency courses and those with families who come to the Eco Heroes Club for 5-11 year olds.

The event is organised by Randwick Council's sustainability team.

Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Story and photos by Russ Grayson, March 2017


Click on the image below to view Russ' Adobe Spark photo essay...

Images of Earth Hour 2017...

PHOTO BELOW: Making use of waste materials, Reverse Garbage led the paper lantern-making workshop for children and their parents. The lanterns were later used at Earth Hour when the lights went off...

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