Sept. 16, 2013

Eastern Green Thumbs Network meet up with Costa

The Eastern Green Thumbs Network is an avenue for likeminded people to get together quarterly and discuss topics close to their heart. It is an initiative started by the 3-councils (Waverley, Woollahra & Randwick) who are in the process of handing over the reins to the community.

This new FREE network started in the Eastern Suburbs and is open to anyone who wants to:

  • learn through free workshops
  • take part in the quarterly Network meeting
  • have a chat and a cuppa with other keen gardeners
  • meet a number of members from the community gardens
  • discuss issues or progress of your own garden.

Costa helps us out with our pests

The last Network meeting we had the fortune of our local resident and Garden Guru (although he declines that title!), Costa Georgiadis from ABV's Gardening Australia attending. He provided us with an excellent workshop of pest management.

Costa focused primarily on the holistic approach to gardening as most organic gardeners, and in particular those interested in Permaculture, would say is crucial.

Costa's 5 points...

He emphasized 5 points to pest management which can be summed up as:

  1. Crop Rotation — preventing soil problems through depletion of minerals or increase of pests, it also helps create stronger plants
  2. Companion Planting — can help discourage or confuse pests or promote health of plants, additionally some plants are introduced to increase number of predatory insects (who eat or in other ways kill pests)
  3. Non reintroduction of problems – do not compost problem plants, burn or discard in other ways
  4. Beneficial insects — providing a healthy environment for helpful insects, those who pollinate and kill pests, is highly encouraged — it is even possible to purchase beneficial insects (ladybirds who eat aphids for example) and deploy in your garden to help fend off pests
  5. Organic sprays — as a last resort if you have a persistent pest problems.

If you like want to get to know some more people in your area who like gardening or is simply interested in some of the green issues which affects us all then I would love to see you at the next meeting.

The Eastern Green Thumbs Network (EGTN) can be found on facebook where updates in regards to network meetings and workshops are available.

Pop in to the next meeting

WHERE: Centennial Park
WHEN:  Tuesday the 26 November 2013
TIME: 5.00pm – 7.30pm
WHAT TO BRING: a snack and a friend!

Story by Lizzie from WhiteCollarGreen

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