May 1, 2019

Nielsen Park She-oak - Clinging to Survival

In 1986 a new plant was discovered at Nielsen Park and was named the Nielsen Park she-oak (Allocasuarina portuensis). Its only known habitat in the world is in Vaucluse. It is a slender shrub, 3-5 metres high, and to the untrained eye it looks like a small wispy version of Casuarina trees seen growing along coasts and rivers in NSW.  Fortunately, samples had been taken of the original plants, which had all died by 2002.  New plants were grown from cuttings and replanted in and around Nielsen Park.  

As most local people know, Nielsen Park is a very popular location and many people come to the park for picnics and to swim at the beach. Not many of them are aware of the nearby existence of one of Australia’s rarest plants clinging to survival in the park’s small areas of native bushland.

Get Involved - contact 9337 5511 if you would like to join a dedicated group of volunteers who meet every Tuesday morning at Nielsen Park as part of the NSW Government’s 'Saving our Species' program to remove weeds that threaten the she-oak.

Learn More about threatened species and about the she-oak


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