July 11, 2017

A month without plastic - can we do it?


OK, so most of us are into the swing of shopping with reusable bags right? But what about all the other bits of single use plastic that find their way into our lives?

The Plastic Free July campaign challenges our plastic habits – what can we do without with a little bit of organisation and forward planning?

The problem with plastics is they are often used for just a few minutes but they hang around for life. Every bit of plastic ever made is still in our environment, just in smaller fragments.

The Waverley Council Second Nature Team are saying no to the big 4 – plastic bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups, we are also going waste free for lunches. We will let you know how we go and the challenges we face. 

Local events

We have partnered with a swathe of local community groups all working toward purging our ‘hood of plastic. Together we are holding a range of events throughout July, to bring the community together, help us understand the problem and offer solutions.

Details on all the events here.

Pledge to go Plastic Free now so you can start planning how you will combat the plastic scourge.


Video: A quirky family finds ways to refuse single-use plastic this July! Thank you to Alice Ford for creating the video.

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