Jan. 27, 2011

Reaching for the stars on Dolphin Street

A new home about to be built at 3 Dolphin Street Randwick is leading the way in the sustainability stakes by going well beyond current regulation. The existing home was built in the 1930s and the owners Dorothee and Wolfgang decided to knock the home down and build a truly sustainable home from scratch.

“In Europe, sustainability is well established and homes that are designed and built sustainably are common practice. We want to live in a home that is comfortable, uses minimal power, a home that is built with building materials that are healthier for our family. To us it makes complete sense both economically and environmentally.” says Dorothee

What makes this home standout is the 8.8 star energy rating. The rating is calculated using computer simulations which assess the potential thermal comfort of a home on a scale of zero to 10 stars. The more stars, the less likely the occupants need active cooling or heating devices to stay comfortable thereby reduces your energy requirement.

Why 8.8 stars is a standout?

When building a new home or doing a major renovation a BASIX Certificate needs to be lodged with the Development Application. To pass BASIX the thermal comfort component needs to only achieve a 4.5 star rating. BASIX looks at energy, water and thermal comfort. Reach for the stars! – it will significantly reduce your energy requirements.

The north facing home will consist of three split levels. Sustainable building materials will be used at each stage during construction. For example, instead of going down the traditional route of building the external and structural walls in brick, a combination of a recycled concrete filled panel system and lightweight timber frames are being built. Another example is the use of uPVC double glazed windows.

Dorothee continues “It has been quite a challenging experience working out how the house should best be built. But with a great team consisting of environmentally conscious architects, a builder who is very innovative when it comes to sustainability and an external thermal comfort assessor we pretty much reached our goal.”

Future blogs will provide you with more information on the sustainable building materials that are being used and updates on the construction. The home is expected to be completed in December 2011.

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