July 7, 2015

Seven simple steps to show we care

Who cares about the environment? A fair whack of the population does. Polls show it's upwards of 80%.  And it's not about being a greenie or tree hugger (not that there's anything wrong with that, and I know and love many!). 

It's more about us citizens caring for the beautiful place we live in, wanting to keep it that way and make it even better for everyone, now and into the future. Let's face it, it's a very cool planet. 

If we get right down to it, it's also about basic survival and lifestyle. After all, without the food and water our earth provides, the fresh air we breathe, and the natural wonders that make us happy (research proves it), where would we be? 


With National Tree Day on the 26th of July, it seems only fitting to show we care by doing something simple and positive. Take your pick from these top ideas.

1. Grab a waste-free cup

Australians drink an estimated 1.3 million cups of takeaway coffee each day which amounts to a whole heap of rubbish. Take your own mug to your favourite cafe or invest in a reusable one. Many cafes now offer a discount for conscious caffeine drinkers.

2. Get planting

Green-up your balcony or garden with native and food plants. Or get creative with a green wall. Join a local Bushcare Group to meet other volunteers in the great outdoors who are looking after our bushland pockets along the coast (no experience necessary).

3. Get composting

Up to 50% of household waste is compostable, or organic food waste. Collect your food scraps to turn into free fertiliser for your plants. Get a compost bin or worm farm plus a whole host of tips at http://compostrevolution.com.au/

4. Buy local and sustainable

Local seasonal fruit and vegies are easy to find at Saturday's Bondi Farmers markets and other local grocers. They are fresh, yummy and cause less pollution as they don't have to travel far to land on our plates.

5. Poo-poo plastic bags

Plastic bags can't be recycled and often wind up in our oceans harming marine life or landfill. Stock up on reusable bags to use at the grocery or retail store. Reuse plastic bags and put unwanted ones in the red garbage bin (not the recycling one).

6. Give rubbish a second chance

Recycling gives new life to waste that would otherwise end up buried in landfill and take up good space. Use the right recycling bins for paper and cardboard plus glass and plastic containers. Find out easy ways to recycle batteries, old fridges, electronic goods and other bulky

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