Sept. 22, 2014

Skilling Up for Our Food Future


Fair Food Week events: Sat 12 Oct + Sun 18 Oct

Fair Food Week? Last year was the first, it was such a success in the Randwick area that is was decided to build on 2013's theme of Seeding Our Food Future with the next logical step of Skilling Up for Our Food Future. You have to plant a seed then learn how to use what grows, right? And what grows at this year's Fair Food Week event in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs is a couple days of events full of learning, socialising and participating.

A journey of fun, learning, food 

Skilling Up for Our Food Future takes us on a journey spanning two afternoons. 

Sunday 12 October 2014

On Sunday afternoon, we begin our Fair Food Week journey with an adventure in socialising, learning and doing.

Skilling Up for Our Food Future starts at 2:30pm, at Randwick Community Centre, with an afternoon of family-friendly workshops, music, kid's activities and community group stalls where you can get to meet and talk to the people who make things happen in our neighbourhoods.

View our event page for details.

As afternoon drifts towards evening and our stomachs start to remind us that dinnertime is approaching, we set course for the food preparation tables to participate in our community cookUP from 5:30pm, just like we did at last years Fair Food Week event here in Randwick.

Now we are fed after the CookUP, we've a couple video shorts.

Russ Grayson will introduce us to Fair Food Week and to the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance's movie, Orange Tree Blues. Leesa Burton from that new group who are rising to leadership of our food future, the Youth Food Movement, will introduce their movie — Sourced — followed by a facilitated discussion about the movies.

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Saturday 18 October 2014

It's the children and their parents/carers who take the first footstep on this journey of learning and fun on Saturday 18 October with the Eco Heroes Club for 5 to 11 year olds from 2:30 to 4:30pm. Our Eco Heroes will be doing something special this time… preparing food (makes sense, as it's Fair Food Week after all). That's under the capable and youthful guidance of our Eco Heroes' educator and chef, Leesa, who will lead our aspiring cooks on a culinary journey that they eat.

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For the rest of us beyond that age group, horticulturist, garden designer and avid seed saver Emma will guide us in learning-by-doing with our PermaBee Garden Volunteers

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A celebration

There's no better way to celebrate the innovators, the makers, the doers in our communities — and ourselves, who are part of this creative fair food revolution too — who are taking us on this journey of discovery, learning and culinary fun… who are setting a course into a secure and tasty food future that is fair to all — fair to those who grow what we eat, to those who express their creativity through their new food distribution systems, and to those who cook and those who eat this good produce from the fertile soils and imaginations that sustain us.

Join us on this fair food adventure, this Skilling Up for Our Food Future, during Fair Food Week 2014 at the Randwick Community Centre on Sunday 12 October. Bring your family, your imagination, your willingness to become part of the broad community building a resilient, fair and tasty food future.

While we wait for Fair Food Week 2014, why not press the play button to see our local Eastern Suburbs ABC Gardening Australia host... our mate, Costa... tell us about last year's Fair Food Week.


Let's look at what we did last year

There was our Sunday afternoon World Cafe to harvest our ideas on what a fair food system would look like, followed by our evening's community cookUP then viewing the movie — FRESH

On the Saturday afternoon before, there was our PermaBee Garden Volunteer event with our Permabees busy in the Permaculture Interpretative Garden… learning by doing with others… and during the week, the Paddock To Plate workshop. Quite a string of events for the inaugural Fair Food Week 2013.

A taste of our TABLE DISCUSSIONS from our 2013 Seeding our Food Future world cafe session...
Developing food democracy - Nick Rose, Think Food
• explained what food democracy is and what choices we have in builidng a democratic food system

Recipe for healthy eating - Sydney Food Fairness Alliance
• why people don't have access to healthy food and ways to reduce unhealthy eating

Building a fair food system: SOCIAL BUSINESSES — Julian Lee, Sydney Food Connect
• described the existing food system, the components and relationships that support a regional food system

Building a fair food system: YOUTH — Jo Baker, Youth Food Movement
• described how youth perceives the food system and listed actions for the future

Building a fair food system: COMMUNITY — Russ Grayson, Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network
• described community response to building a fair food system and listed actions we can take now

Building a fair food system: ORGANICS — Catriona Macmillan, organic food consultant
• described community response to building a fair food system and listed actions we can take now.


Find out more about Fair Food Week and view other events happening around Australia.

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