March 31, 2011

Growing native.. Rose Bay Sustainability Street

The Eastern Suburbs most recently formed Sustainability Street came together to turn a patch of roadside which could only be described as a ‘scorched earth triangle’, along O’Sullivan Road in Rose Bay, into a beautiful native garden. They turned up with shovels, sacks and wheelbarrows, ready to move soil and woodchips, and plant native shrubs and ferns.

The team used their creative minds to develop a planting scheme on the spot, and commented on the exhilarating feeling of actively contributing to what could essentially be seen as public art – a beautiful garden for the public to enjoy for years to come. Plants used were all native to the local area, and were purchased from the Randwick Council’s community nursery on Barker Street.

One of the clear successes of the event was the impact on fellow residents and the feeling of empowerment the group felt. Many people complimented the work as they walked past, and asked who we were and why we were doing what we were doing. We told them that we had identified a problem and we had formed a collective to fix it – our very own Sustainability Street. Not by asking someone else to fix the problem, but by gathering a team of committed locals, communicating with the local council and forming a plan to fix it ourselves.


What's Next?

The next project is to plant fruit trees along O’Sullivan Road. It is hoped this will remind people of the reliance of humankind on their environment and on nature, something which can often be lost in the hectic day-to-day living that now defines city life the world over.

There will be other future projects too. There are possums that need our help to survive the nightly dragway that is O’Sullivan Road. There is water and solar energy that could be harnessed by residents and businesses and there is recyclable waste generated by visitors to the Plumer Road shops that still ends up going to a hole in the ground. Our Sustainability Street will be there to fix these issues.

The O’Sullivan Road Sustainability Street is supported by the 3-Council Ecological Footprint Project with funds from a Woollahra Council Community Grant.

To contact the group email [email protected]

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