May 3, 2018

The alt.economy comes to Randwick

Story and photos by Russ Grayson, May 2018

Barrett House, Randwick Council’s centre for community groups, was a hubbub of people this afternoon as the clothes and plant swap got underway.

Organised by Sydney LETS (Local Exchange and Trading System, a community-based, cashless trading system) and auspiced by Transition Bondi, the swap pulled in people with bags of no-longer-worn clothing to swap or give away, as well as curious passers-by.

The purpose of the SWOP was to divert clothing from landfill. The fashion industry and impulse buyers of clothing are flooding the second-hand market for used clothing as well as charities accepting used clothing to sell. It is no exaggeration to say that that seldom-worn clothing is a prime manifestation of excessive consumerism that all-too-often ends us as waste in our landfills.

That’s why today’s, and other, clothes swaps are such a good idea. By giving new life to old clothes the swaps encourage maximising use of items that have taken materials, energy and human energy to produce. That is the alt.economy at work.

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