June 4, 2019

World Environment Day 2019

Good timing perhaps with World Environment Day occurring on Wednesday June 5 and the eastern suburbs buzzing with activities for the whole family. From solar workshops for residents to find out how they can put solar on their own roof, to speed-dating a sustainability expert and discover how to renovate or retrofit your home for sustainability, volunteer planting days with the various Bushcare groups across the eastern suburbs and commencement of the Best Green Innovation ideas competition for Randwick residents. Check out the reduce your footprint website or local Council listings for more information and don’t forget that every day needs to be World Environment Day – do what you can, where you can and then do a little bit more!

The 3 Mayors of Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick Councils are joining forces on World Environment Day to launch the first public electric vehicle charging station network rolled out by metropolitan Councils in NSW. With up to 8 stations to be completed as part of the roll-out, these charging stations have been installed to overcome one of the greatest impediments to electric vehicle take-up, that is the public vehicle charging infrastructure. With 17 additional electric vehicles due on the Australian market this year, the timing of the 3-Council program couldn’t have been better. There’s already been a few enquiries about some of the on-street charging stations with residents asking if they are a new form of ticket machine for parking vehicles in the street!

The 3-Council environment program got a good mention at the Banksia Environment Foundation’s ignite symposium as part of Sydney’s VIVID event. Organised at the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA) with Craig Reucassel from ABC’s War on Waste compering, representatives from across Australia heard some of the many sustainability achievements of initiatives across the eastern suburbs. In addition, Randwick’s Manager, Sustainability, Peter Maganov has been selected to attend the Climate Reality training program delivered by former USA President, Al Gore, in Brisbane over 3 days in June. The training is an opportunity for participants to learn all aspects of communications around Climate Change and its impacts.

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