Harald Grabner

Green Beret

About Harald

I stepped on the path of sustainability almost 30 years ago (in school). Since then I do my best to keep my footprint as low as possible. It's not always easy and not always possible - we're all humans & humans are not perfect.

At home (my wife is the food and chemical expert) it is all about healthy (organic) food and products, using as less energy and water as we can. We use our "consumer power" by buying (mostly) things we think are best for us and the environment.
Corporates best understand the language of money - and do listen to it.

At work I am consulting building owners and tenants on how to reduce energy and water consumption and to minimise their waste (for general advise and information see www.efficiencymatters.com.au).

My vision is to maintain the beauty and diversity of our planet for ourselves and our children (first one is due at the end of the year).

I hope my knowledge gained over the last three decades will be beneficial for people in this network.

Expert/Interested in:

Energy saving Refuse Reuse Repair Recycle Water saving Smart shopping Retrofit your home Food gardening Community action

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