Backyard Educators

Backyard Educators are helping your neighbours to become green!

Who can you ask when you need a hand setting up your compost bin?

Who can help convince your neighbours that a compost bin or wormfarm is a good thing to set up?


Backyard Educators to the rescue!!!

The Backyard Educators are a group of locals who are keen to get out in their community pass on their skills and experience and get things happening. They are local people who are passionate about “backyard educating”, talking to your neighbours over the fence or your workmates at lunch and engaging people in different ways.

The 22 Backyard Educators have all completed a course that was developed specifically for them focusing on facilitation skills, engaging people with personal stories and interactive discussions.

Backyard Educators have gone on to run composting workshops, help schools set-up gardens, organise community events and inspire others to compost, working as individuals, together with others and in partnership with council.

If you are interested in getting in touch with a Backyard Educator or becoming one yourself please contact JP Williamson at [email protected]