Compost Revolution

Woollahra, Waverley & Randwick councils encourage households, community groups and businesses to compost and keep food waste out of landfill.


Households – Get 80% off a Compost Bin or Wormfarm with FREE Delivery

  • Join 8,000 eastern suburbs households already composting
  • It’s easy, go to, complete the free on-line tutorial and get 80% off a compost bin or worm farm today
  • Reduce what you send to landfill by half and watch your garden grow!
  • Pay just $14 and get a compost bin and compost stirrer delivered to your door!
  • Pay just $28 and get a worm farm and worms, delivered to your door!
  • If you or someone you know can’t use the internet, council runs face to face, 2 hour workshop to learn the basics of composting and worm farming. Bookings and details are through City East Community College on 9387 7400 or at Resident can organise getting a discounted bin through the workshop facilitator at the end of the workshop.



Schools, childcare centres, businesses & community groups

  • Can get up to 5 discounted compost bins or wormfarms.
  • Order through, as per residents. Order each compost bin or wormfarm separately, and include the name of your organisation in the delivery address, so it is clear you aren’t just a household ordering multiple times
  • If you or your organisation want to do larger scale or different styles of composting, we provide free advice, and further support and resources on a case by case basis. Contact  JP Williamson, the Regional Organic Waste Officer at [email protected].


Got a question about how to compost or wormfarm

  • Go to to complete a free online composting or wormfarming tutorial
  • If you feel the on-line tutorial isn’t enough, post your question here at

To view a great video demonstration of composting starring local resident Costa from Costa's Garden Oddessy click here