Randwick’s Environment Levy set to continue

Well, readers are likely to be relieved and happy that Randwick’s environmental levy program has been approved for a further 5 years by the NSW State Government in May 2019.

Of course the environmental levy provides an enormous level of support to environmental and sustainability initiatives for Randwick residents which over the years includes: construction and upgrade of the coastal walkway, 500 million litres of treated stormwater and wastewater across 24 parks, 200 kilowatts of solar panels across 11 Council locations, community and school food gardens, our 3 Council Regional Environment Program rolling out electric vehicle charging stations and supporting 2 megawatts of solar panels on school rooves across the eastern suburbs. In addition, the environmental levy program has resulted in the sustainability education ‘hub’ completion adjacent to the Randwick Environment Park and a comprehensive range of education and behavioural change workshops, events and activities including: our flagship Eco Living Fair, our marine and coastal education program, our Best Gift sustainable Christmas campaign, and sustainable living courses on everything from composting, keeping chickens, bringing bees to your backyard, bicycle maintenance, sustainability leadership and much more!

As Randwick’s environmental levy continues, so does the agreement between Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick Councils for the ongoing delivery of the very successful 3 Council Regional Environment Program. General Managers of the 3 Council’s agreed to continue this initiative responsible over the years for the Compost Revolution program (now taken up by 30 other Councils in NSW and Victoria), our Sustainability House demonstration project at Barrett House, our Solar My Schools initiative facilitating solar installation across more than 60 eastern suburban schools, and most recently the first public electric vehicle parking stations of any metropolitan Council in NSW.