The only time gutter talk is OK

Did your grandma ever tell you to stay away from ‘gutter-talk?’ Of course, your grandma was right, but we’ve just found an exception to the rule. Waverley Council is cleaning up Tamarama’s gutters by installing a new state-of-the-art stormwater recycling system and we want everybody talking about it.

Based on successful ones already in place at Bondi and Bronte, the system will collect, clean and recycle polluted stormwater that would otherwise flow into the gully and beach.

Not only will it keep our beaches clean, but the filtered water will also be used for watering in the park and in the showers and toilets at Tamarama Beach.

That means we’ll get to enjoy the rain a second time, while also saving precious drinking water and saving money for more neat projects in the future. Sounds neat, right?

How does it work?

The stormwater recycling system includes a large tank that will be installed underneath the upper gully section of Tamarama Park. Dirty stormwater from the street flows into the tank and a special UV system filters the water. This clean water is then redirected to the toilet facilities at the Kiosk and the park irrigation system.

Construction of the recycling system starts in July. Our beach will be cleaner and we’ll save a whopping 14 million litres of drinking water each year.

The juicy facts

The Tamarama Water Recycling Project will:

  • Save at least 14 million litres of drinking water each year

  • Reduce rubbish in Tamarama Gully

  • Reduce pollution at Tamarama Beach

  • Improve irrigation at Tamarama Park

    Guess what else? Council figures they may as well give Tamarama Park a makeover in the process. Council will be: 

  • Laying new grass at Tamarama Park

  • Installing new park furniture

  • Installing free public Wi-Fi

  • Bringing the bush back to Tamarama Park by planting new native vegetation


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