After 5 months, there are no worms in my compost pile, should I buy some e.g worm farm ones?

I also have cockroaches - I have tried to add garden lime but it doesn't seem to work - should I just keep adding?

Asked by Jenny Ball

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  • Dig up your lawn, preferably in a moist area. Hopefully, you will find the worms existing in the soil. Transfer a few to your compost bin.

    Answered by Narain keswani Rating: 0
  • Dear Jenny,

    Lauren has provided a very complete answer and I agree with her - you don't need worms to get good compost. I've been going 2 years with my bins and have only seen worms once!

    Regarding the roaches: I get them sometimes too. Adding water (or actually spraying inside the bin with the hose) has worked for me.

    Answered by Chris Tisdell Rating: 0
  • Hi Jenny, have a look into your compost and turn it with a garden fork or copost turner and decide if the conditions at the moment are providing a good habitat for worms.

    If it is too dry the worms won't be able to get in populate it. As as Chris & Lauren have indicated it might be that your local soil may have a depleted compost worm population. If that is the case then you will either have to be patient or add the worms as you asked. If the conditions you introduce them to aren't favourable they will take off to moister places with soft squishy food to eat.

    I suggest give it some more time and focus on doing everything right and consider putting an old potato or coffee sack over the compost in the bin and wet it down to help keep the humidity up.

    If you continue to have no luck email me and I will deliver some worms and castings to you and help to give your compost bin a servicing to get it really going and producing quality compost for your garden.

    Answered by Cameron Little Rating: 0
  • Where do you get a coffee sack ? It's my first time composting.

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