Anyone know where to get (live!) chickens In Sydney? Ethical and local would be great, but will ...

.. travel for chooks. We're building them a special house as i type and im thinking about 12 all up. I gear the Chook Chick is awesome but she's hard to get a hold of. Any other ideas?

Asked by David Gravina

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  • This lady and breeder got a good write up in Green Magazine the other month:

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  • Hi David,
    Depends on what you're after....
    For standard laying birds - Isa Browns, Australorps etc try:
    Kensington Produce
    Enfield Produce
    I got some beautiful chooks from a breeder out past Camden whose contacts I got from Macarthur Produce, Camden.
    There's an Australorp breeder out at Windsor.
    There are hatcheries around but I visited one and was not impressed with how the birds were treated.
    For more interesting breeds check out the Easter Show & meet the breeders. Also there are poultry clubs that will help you out with contacts.

    Answered by Steve Batley
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  • Smart Farm Chickens at Galston sells: Australorpes, Araucana, Plymouth Rock and Wyandottes

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  • Poultry r us Windsor 0420720300 breeds australorps, Rhode Island reds , silkies ,8 breeds of ducks

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  • Try Michelles Happy Hens on Facebook, specialised chicken breeder in Kenthurst.

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  • Hi, I work at Enfield Produce in 56 Coronation Parade in Enfield NSW and we have live chickens, isa browns and some purebreeds and crossbreeds. Come and check them out! We welcome you.

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  • does anyone know of where I can buy a few isa brown 20 weeks old chickens who will arrange home delivery..

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  • Rent a Chook is based in Ryde and he's a decent bloke. Try him out

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  • Thanks Anika (and everyone who responded!) - i did contact the chook chick but had given up on her b/c of no reply - turns out my emails had been spam filtered and we're now in contact - exciting! i'll keep this post informed of developments!

    Answered by David Gravina
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  • Not a bad idea - I was thinking it might be a way to try out he Isa Brown ladies without committing 100 % to that variety.

    Answered by David Gravina
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  • Hi Steve, Kensington Produce. They are great!!!!!! Such good blokes... Ask, for Michael. Good kid, knows his stuff. I am very happy, they also sell all the grain & pellets. One stop shop. Easy...... They are open I think. Till 4pm and early 7am m/friday only.. Hope it helps just past eastgardens page wood.

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  • Try calling animal liberation, as they can source chickens that have been rescued from battery farms or bad homes and they need loving happy homes.

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  • We buy all our chickens at Leahs Chook Shed. Awesome setup and many different breeds. Has a webpage and fb page to have a look and see if its what your looking for. All her chickens are vaccinated.

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  • Dave Ingham from RentaChook is the go to man for all things chookery including rentals and he'll deliver:

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  • I have bought from Turramurra, Maxwell street I believe, and Strathfield produce who carry chicks as well as ready to lay.

    Answered by greg Werner
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  • Hi David, There is a place in Villawood (Sydney) where you will find free-range roosters and hens. Contact Amaan on :0401 689 088.

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  • Carlingford Produce Poultry Farmers and Dealers, they also sell to Dep. of Education, James Ruse selective High School

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  • Thanks Steve! i also found this informative article on Organic Gardener just now btw :

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