black wriggly things in tumbler composter

There is a seething mass of black wriggling things when I open the lid to put in more kitchen scraps in my tumbler composter. Are these 'wrigglers' dangerous? harmful? Is there something I need to do to improve/rectify my composting process ( this never happened in the traditional bin method?!) Mind you, they do compost stuff very efficiently, whatever they are.

Asked by Susan Forsyth

2 answers

  • sounds like black soldier fly larvae, excellent composters, no bad smell and a great source of protein for birds & fish.

    Answered by Sarah Grow.Eat.Enjoy.
    Green Beret
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  • Many thanks for your reply. But when do these larvae have enough of composting and become flies and let my compost heap rest to become soil?

    Answered by Susan Forsyth Rating: 0

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