Can I put onion peel, citrus, banana peel, potato peelings etc into the green lidded bin?

I already have a worm farm but nowhere to bury any compost material. I don't have enough worms yet to eat all our kitchen waste.

Asked by Lily

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  • What Council area do you live in? Woollahra Council permits this, while Randwick and Waverley do not as their green waste goes to different facilities.

    Answered by Sam M Rating: 0
  • In a few months when your worms breed up, you'll be able to put all of those things in your wormfarm except the citrus.

    Although I compost and can put citrus in, I use my citrus skins to make preserved lemons, by cramming them into a jar with lots of salt. A clove of garlic, cardimum pods, cloves, ginger etc make it taste great. Try it if you want.

    Answered by JP Rating: 0
  • Sounds delicious (except for the cadmium pods)

    Answered by Sam M Rating: 0
  • Thank you both for your answers. This has been very helpful!

    Answered by Lily Rating: 0

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