Can I put tea leaves in the worm farm?

If so, how often can the leaves remaining in the pot be emptied into the farm without upsetting things?

Asked by Greg

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  • Hi Greg, I think the worms love a bit of tea. I reckon a daily dose of tea, along with all the other variety of scraps will be lovely for them. If you're running a cafe, then maybe you may give them too much, but I can't imagine that an average household's tea consumption would be too much. I tend to tear tea bags to let them have easy access, but loose tea is ready to go. Also, tea gives a bit of balance when you've got lots of other richer ingredients, and I understand helps to reduce vinegar flies a bit (which is good now we're heading into warmer months).

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  • So can you put a teabag?

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  • absolutely! Worms love a bit of tea .
    Keep it vegetarian and away from acid based food. as they can only take tiny amounts.e.g citrus and fruits such as tomatoe and pineapple

    Raw eggs and egg shells will be accepted. exclude solids such as meat
    and boiled eggs

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  • Hi Greg,
    Yes, tea leaves are absolutely perfect for the worm farm. You can add leaves or any leftover food in the wormfarm every day, or even twice or more daily. It doesn't matter if leaves have been left in the pot. Worms will not be disturbed so long as you don't leave the lid open too long and you dong 'dig in' the leftovers inside.

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  • tea is good, coffie too! the high surface area encourages a speedy breakdown, the worms eat the bacteria that break down stuff. i doubt the tea will last more than a week or two before it is munched up, just be careful not to burn worms if it is hot :)

    Answered by Transition Bondi Lance
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  • Yes, absolutely! Worms love a bit of tea too. I tend to tear tea bags to give them easy access. I understand tea helps to counterbalance some of the acidity of all the fruit, and therefore helps control vinegar flies (but I'm not 100% certain of this). Certainly a domestic quantity of tea each day would be fine. If you're running a cafe, maybe compost some of your tea.

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  • What about peppermint tea, is that ok for worms?

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  • The only things that I have found my worms don't like are...
    avocado skins, corn cobs, woody stems (roses etc), citrus skins. Otherwise they chomp into everything in my old compost tumbler which I empty out every 6 months or so and feed into the regular compost as an accelerant .

    Answered by greg Werner
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