Composting - clumping of compost in a tumble weed compost bin

I'm following up an earlier e-mail sent today. I have had a Tumble Weed composting Bin (see first photo in drop box link below) for a few years and every time I use it my compost ends up in small hand size balls,( see second images, in same link below). I spoke to a Tumble Weed sales rep a while ago and he said add plenty of twigs which I did. Guess what the compost still clumped, and the twigs separated from the rest of the compost. I've used a spiral type compost device to try and break up the compost 'balls', but I still get clumped compost.
I would appreciate your advice or suggestions on where to get advice to help solve this composting problem. Feel free to call me if that's easier.

Asked by Peter Penn

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