Do new questions get moderated?

Asked by Simon

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  • New questions from new users do get moderated in the first instance to safeguard the site from spam. But after that initial moderation by the site, members are free to add to the site instantaneously and we hope that everyone plays nice!

    So, we encourage everyone to be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members and to take responsibility for ensuring that what you upload is appropriate.

    It's a community site so if you do spot any inappropriate behaviour do let us know and we'll certainly moderate the content and send out a warning. [email protected] />

    Answered by Michelle Rose
    Green Beret
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  • Hi Richard, moderation is fine but when it comes to censorship just because the powers that be do not like what is said, even though what was said did not cross any boundaries of politeness and the such, it is then a totally different ball game, isn't it?

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  • We built this site as a community resource for sharing inspiration, ideas and tips to live smarter and more sustainably in Sydney's East. We only moderate posts to guard against the mountains of spam any website gets and of course offensive and inappropriate behaviour. We do not edit, censor or modify any of the questions, answers or comments posted on the site.

    There are other more capable community websites and opportunities for actively lobbying or building a grass roots campaign such as: 'Do Gooder' or Get Up Australia

    Or phone your Local Council call centre for how you can voice your concerns and upcoming community consultation opportunities.

    Answered by Michelle Rose
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