Does anyone know where I can take plastic shopping bags to recycle in the Eastern Suburbs?

Asked by Laila

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  • I have seen a collection box in Coles at Edgecliff

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  • HI Laila, do you know that recycling plastic bags is good, but even better is reusing them (no energy/raw materials needed to create a new one; St Vincents at Charing Cross or similar store may take these) or not using them in the first place in the first place(avoiding them - keep a reusable bag with you). It takes energy to recycle things, and often if the source is contaminated with the wrong sort of plastic or other materials, the whole batch is thrown to landfill.

    If you still wish to recycle your bags, Coles Eastgate has a bin for placing them in and they say the recycle them.

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  • 'Recycling Near You' is a fantastic website that details all the recycling locations for plastic bags in the East:

    From a quick suburb search on the site, it looks like plastic checkout bags can be taken to either Franklins, Safeway, Coles or Woolworths stores at: Bondi Junction, Double Bay, Vaucluse, Potts Point, Coogee, Randwick, Randwick Village Shopping Centre and Maroubra Junction.

    What happens next? .. Recycling contractors collect the plastic bags in bulk from participating retailers. The bags are then compacted into large heavy blocks ready for further processing and conversion into raw material to make recycled plastic products.

    Though only 3% of Australia's plastic bags are currently being recycled, despite the opportunities for recycling above.

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  • Recycling is not a sustainable option; I agree with Angela, it takes energy, that in Australia is produced with fossil fuels, highly pollutant; then we need to consume those recycled products, as I see it we are not great at buying recycled products, are we? We need to take our own re-usable bags and learn not to take plastic bags that are responsible for so much ugliness, pollution and death of marine life, any more. If our councils were really progressive there wouldn't be any plastic bags available in shops any more; other councils in Australia and overseas have done it.

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  • i completely agree with Angela and Carmen. If Randwick City Council claim to be green, they should ban plastic bags from all shops. This ridiculous charge of 10c or 20c for plastic bags doesn't go ANY way to reducing the production, use, waste or consumption of plastic bags - get rid of them! Easy! What are you waiting for, RCC? Can you tell us why you won't do this or why you haven't done this? It can be hard to remember to take your reusable bags to the shops with you..... People will start to remember pretty quickly when there are no other options.

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