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my compost tumbler has a gazzilion worms in it. Can I use some of these for a new worm farm - home made by the way from polystyrene boxes!!!

Asked by Jane Simons

2 answers

  • Jane,
    Why not! Worms operate on the principle of surface area i.e. the more surface that you have the more activity. Personally not a big fan of styrofoam in the garden but up to you. Good discussion here:

    Answered by David Winterton
    Green Beret
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  • thanks David..................styofoam is the stop gap till I get the new worm farm. my kitchen can supply, on a daily basis, 6 worm farms (vegan) so have to innovate!! Have a friend in south africa with 20 worm farms!!!

    Answered by Jane Simons Rating: 0

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