Getting rid of ants in my worm farm

I've noticed recently my worm farm is overrun with loads of tiny ants. I've tried adding extra water (as I read that being too dry could be the issue), limiting fruit (also read this can contribute) and I add Tumbleweed worm farm conditioner once a week. Any other suggestions to get rid of them and keep them away?

Asked by Amanda

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  • Hi Amanda
    You could try limiting their access to your worm farm. ie if they are getting in via the legs of the worm farm you could put a little bowl of water under each leg?

    Answered by Sarah Grow.Eat.Enjoy.
    Green Beret
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  • Flies, ants and a bad smell indicate that your worms are overfed. The excess food has become anaerobic, which means there is not enough oxygen.
    1. Use a small hand fork to dig and ‘fluff’ up – or aerate – the top feeding tray
    2. Sprinkle a couple of teaspoons of Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner on top of the food scraps
    3. Add a few handfuls of good soil on top of the food scraps every time you feed your worms
    4. Ensure you have a worm blanket on the surface of the feeding tray at all times
    5. Pour several litres of water through your worm farm every week – but before you do, install a bucket under the tap on the bottom tray. Open the tap and keep it open all the time to collect any worm ‘tea’ that drips out.

    Answered by Karen Heinz
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