Has everyone made plans to look after their school worm farms over Summer?

Remember to move them into a cool shady place, give them lots of newspaper and make sure they are damp. They should be right for a few weeks like this.
If they are outside where they will be rained on, so keep the tap open so they don't drown.
Hopefully no worm death this summer :-)

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  • Cardboard would be better to feed them than newspaper as it will have more nutrients in it from the adhesives - I believe they are often animal product based. If you feed the worms with enough food waste to last the summer it will go off and you will end up with sour bedding so that won't really work. It needs to be something that has already been partially broken down and manure is probably the best to use. My preference is to use aged horse manure. It will be OK if you can get it from a local stable - check that the horses haven't been wormed recently. The vermicide has a pretty short half life though so if it has been in a compost pile or a heap in the sun for a few weeks it will most likely be fine. Chicken manure will be too hot so best to avoid that. If you can't get fresh or aged manure locally you could also consider buying it in bags although I find this tends to be a little too broken down but not a bad option all things considered. Cow manure is good. Good luck with it.

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  • good advice! My understanding is they are pretty hardy so top them up with some food and do the above and they should be ok!

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