Help! I live next to Greg - what should I do!? (just kidding neighbour ;-)

Actually I want o know more about solar panels too...

Asked by Gareth

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  • It IS indeed me, Russ. Thanx for your support. Gareth is a SS Phillip Bay member and shares our Aerobin. He just gave me his water from their swimming pool, after treatment of course and thus we have a full tank! :-)

    Answered by Gregory Olsen Rating: 0
  • IF this is the Greg I know, you are likely to become contaminated by good and innovative ideas and your lawn may well be in danger from encroaching pumpkin, melon and yacon.

    As the cliche goes, if you can't neat them....

    Answered by Russ Grayson Rating: 0
  • A good sturdy possum trap.

    Answered by greg Werner
    Green Beret
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