How Can One Stop Dogs Defecating On One's Verge?

Over the past couple of months, irresponsible neighbours have been allowing their dogs to use our 'nature strip' as a lavatory. What can we do to deter this canines from this practice? Here's a link to an article I posted on Street Corner:

Asked by Gregory Olsen

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  • Check with your local Council. Our street has had a similar issue with irresponsible neighbours and their two dogs. After a number of months where the neighbours had been asked to pick up after their dogs, the issue had been reported to Council rangers, and nothing had changed we were able to obtain photographic evidence of one of the dogs in action. This, combined with a signed stat dec outlining the incident and identifying the dog, resulted in the Council ranger infringing the dog's owner.

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  • OK, thanx lance. What about the owners? ;-) Do you have a recipe for chilli and garlic repellant spray?

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  • Thanx Brooke. My wife has spoken with the two owners about whom we know. Our immediate neighbour kindly erected a temporary barrier to prevent their dog wandering while the other abused my wife and told her to "go forth and multiple", if you know what I mean. We have informed the Council who have been great, sending out rangers a few times without avail. We have the camera by the front door but the sneaky blighters do it when were not around. For example, I removed four new doggy dos yesterday morning, all looking the to be from the same canine. That took over a week to accumulate, a huge reduction in faeces. However, by this morning, two new ones appeared from different dogs. It's probably irresponsible early morning or late evening dog walkers. :-(

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  • Hey greg, I have heard that a 2L clear plastic bottle 3 quaters filled with water, label removed, placed on its side is apparently a deterrent.
    More reliably, a few cactus or dragon fruit on the insides will slowly educate them out, as does copious quantities of chilli and garlic pest repellant spray... good luck!

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  • Thanx Alexia, we have heaps if dried chillies from our garden so I may use them. :-)

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