How can we get businesses to turn their lights off at night?

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  • Pip jones at deep end recently installed a timer in their new studio and all non essential devices are on that circuit which cuts off at 9 pm in case anyone leaves anything on - the lights are on another circuit and they turn off 15 minutes beforehand. This way any lights left on turn off and if someone is working late they are reminded to reset the timer or go home. They estimate the system will repay itself relatively quickly in lower energy bills

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  • 2 great responses! Look at the culture and the infrastructure to make it easy. The business case for efficiency and timer switches can work together to provide simple alternatives. Often businesses want illumination at night but have not separated circuits to adequately provide choice or a highly efficient night time light source. I have worked with electricians to install these measures as part of the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program that offers a 50% rebate for infrastructure improvements. There are massive efficiency gains and cost savings to be had ;)
    Check out:

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  • Re "Timers": Be careful what get's switched at the power point. Some equipment (e.g. printers) don't like to be cut off from power without being turned off properly. When resetting timers for special occasions make sure they get set back to "normal settings" otherwise the controlled equipment stays on as per "extended setting".

    Re "Energy Efficiency for Small Businesses Program": This will be closed on 30/09/2012 - businesses interested in the grants need to lodge their application before that date. If more information is required contact me via web-site (see profile).

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