How do you discourage rats attracted to the compost ?

Asked by Emma Schofield

Green Beret

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  • Just bury the base of the bin in the ground a few inches. As long as you keep the lid firmly sealed and they can't get under the base, then you will NEVER have a rat problem.

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  • The first thing is to avoid any compost bins that have potential "gnaw' points. Start with a quality circular compost bin - Gedye or similar. If you are hot composting rats won't be attracted to your compost. The reality is that most of us at home don't ;) So time to get either some fine mesh under the bin or use flat plate steel and drill a bunch of holes in it. With thanks to Peter Rutherford for that suggestion ;) Happy rat-free composting!

    Answered by David Winterton
    Green Beret
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  • In addition to suggestions above, turn your compost every day or two. Rats and cockroaches don't like to be disturbed. This action will aerate the compost, bring in some oxygen, activate the biological activity, warm up and decompose/compost faster. All you need is one of those cork screw type turner. It makes it easier that a fork. Happy composting.

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