How do you get rid of tough stains on carpet without using a chemical cleaner?

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Asked by Sarah wilson

3 answers

  • Try spraying stain with warm water, sprinkle some bicarbonate soda and rub stain with a clean rag. It worked for me. Otherwise alternative is to use orange oil which can be bought from Aldi (approx $2.49)

    Answered by Nat Men Rating: 1
  • I followed Sharon Luck from Spotless and used toothbrush, bicarb plus mist of white vinegar in a spray bottle and minimal amount of water for some oily pasta stains. Need to ensure you you get up bicarb with damp brush and mop with paper towel. Follow up with vacuum cleaner.

    Answered by Michele Day
    Green Beret
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  • Use an ENJO Fabric glove and water works a treat for most stains on carpet! and the glove is re-usable!

    Answered by Sue Inch Rating: 0

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