How i can save electricity living in a unit ???

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  • You need to have a look at all your power sources and what electricity they use up. Believe it or not electrical items that are on standy all the time can cost you a couple of hundred dollars a year. This especially applies to new remote controlled air con systems and ceiling fans. It is possible to have an free energy home assessment carried out for your home. These will give you an idea of where you could save on energy. E.

    Answered by Eamon Corless
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  • Eamon you are so right - i installed a Wattson energy meter a while ago and was shocked to learn that an innocent looking ceiling fan used 35 W on STANDBY!

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  • Visit Green Strata for help on how to green your unit

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  • Worth checking this out:

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  • If you have an electric hot water service one of the biggest savings can be achieved by turning the thermostat down to around 70 degrees. Most hot water services are set far too high which means we have to add cold water just to stand the temperature. All that extra temperature must be maintained constantly by the system, costing you a LOT of extra money.

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  • Think also outside the box... and think about the common areas! Particularly in mid and high rise buildings the common areas proportionally use a HUGE amount of energy. Ask your Owners Corporation what they are doing to reduce your buildings exposure to rising energy costs.

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  • Check in your freezer compartment of the refrigerator to see
    if it has a thermostat for adjustment separate to the one in the
    regular cooling section.

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